Warm Welcome + Rewire Coupon = Help Newly Immigrated Friends

When a friend or family member takes their first steps immigrating to a new country, we immediately remember our own experience and the challenges we had to overcome. They say that the first year in a new country is the hardest, and most work immigrants can definitely relate and agree. After hearing from so many community members about their top tips for new work immigrants, we wanted to share some of these words of wisdom with you and add a few practical pointers to help your newly immigrated friend get started. 

Get the job done

As someone who knows how the system works and what cultural adjustments must be addressed when migrating to a new country, offering advice to new immigrants and introducing them to the right people can make all the difference. 

Be sure to provide your pro tips as to how to culturally adjust to the new work environment, work ethics that are common here, and some basic keywords in the local language such as “Hello” and “Thank you,” which can definitely help out when trying to fit in.  

Get that Rewire Coupon 

Now that your friend has managed to get the job (congrats!), they need a secure and quick banking solution to wire money to their family back home. Since you’re over here reading the Rewire blog, we can safely assume that you’ve heard about all the advantages of using Rewire’s online money wiring services and will pass that knowledge forward to your friend. But what you may not know is that our ‘invite a friend’ initiative allows you to do so and get you both a nice gift. While you get money credited to your account for each new member, your friend gets a free money transfer, just for opening a Rewire account through your link. The Rewire coupon offers a special promotion for you and your friend, to help them get started and acknowledge the value of your helpful tips.

Here’s how it works: 

Step #1 Log into your Rewire account 

Step #2 Select the “Invite a friend” option

Step #3 Choose how to share your unique link (via WhatsApp, Viber, Email, Facebook) 

Step #4 Share the link with your friends

After your friend opens an account through the unique link you send them and makes their first money transfer, your account will be credited and they will enjoy a free transfer. 

Join the community

Everything’s better with friends, and a strong community means everything to new immigrants and creates a home away from home for many. Realizing the importance of a safe space to discuss everything on your mind, we’ve established a number of online communities that are all managed by work immigrants who know what your friend is going through and care enough to help. If you’re a Rewire user, you probably know your community manager and the online community they manage and if not, now is the time to join! Introduce your friend to the social media groups that helped you the most when you first arrived and probably continue to do so to this day. You can also publish a welcome post in the group, introducing your friend to other members and inviting people to get in touch. This is one step that many people would be way too embarrassed to do themselves and can open many doors and eliminate a great deal of loneliness.   

If you’re reading this post, your friend is already lucky to have you in their world. Coming to a new place can be incredibly intimidating and having even just a single local person who cares means the world. Here’s to friendships without limits or boundaries!