Home Sick? Try One of These Restaurants Serving Food From Back Home in Israel

Living far away from home is never easy, but sometimes the smallest tastes of home can bring back memories and bring comfort to even the most homesick person. The hundreds of thousands of foreign workers in recent years have not only brought their expertise to their professional fields in Israel, but they also bring with them their rich culinary history, with many opening local restaurants and stores to cater to not only fellow migrants but adventurous Israelis too. Whether you’re in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the north or south, we have you covered with some tasty suggestions covering diverse cuisines such as Filipino, Chinese, Thai. Indian, Nepali, Korean,  Ethiopian, and Eritrean. 

Tel Aviv

Known as the international melting pot of culture and cuisine.  Let’s start with the bustling White City, which definitely has the most options when it comes to international cuisine. Many of them are inside the Tachana Mercazit (Central Bus Station) and in the areas surrounding the Neve Sha’anan neighborhood.

Tel Aviv is definitely the place to be for Asian food lovers, with its diverse selection.

  • Asian Restaurant
    For those missing authentic Chinese food there’s a small restaurant in Neve Sha’anan that is reasonably priced.
    Address: Neve Shaan 26, Tel Aviv
    Must eat: Known for their delicious dumplings at reasonable prices.
    Opening hours: Every day until 9pm
  • Gorkha’s Kitchen
    If you want to try some momo dumplings instead, this is a must-visit, you can get your Nepali and Indian fix. Also available on Wolt. Address: Rosh Pina St 16, Tel Aviv
    Must eat: Momo dumplings, samosas, and curries.
    Opening hours: Every day until 9:30, but closed on Sundays.
  • Raj Mahal
    For another authentic Indian place you should check out Raj Mahal also in South Tel Aviv.
    Address: Rival St 21, Tel Aviv
    Must eat: Thalis with lots of different curries to try.
    Opening hours: Every day until 9pm
  • El Mano
    If Filipino food is what you miss, a visit to this gem is a must, which is run by a Filipino and Vietnamese couple serving both their national dishes and the chef Anne is lovely.
    Address: Yesud ha-Ma’ala St 46, Tel Aviv
    Must eat: Mango salad, Vietnamese spring rolls, Pho soup.
    Opening hours: Only open Thursday – Sunday until 9 pm and Friday and Saturdays until 11 pm. 
  • Kainan Ihawan
    For another authentic Filipino restaurant, this is also a must-visit. They offer quick ready-made food, as well as dishes that can be ordered and cooked.
    Address: Ein HaKore St 4, Tel Aviv
    Must eat: hot pot, pork skewers.
    Opening hours: Every day until 5 pm besides Monday and Tuesdays which are closed. 
  • Onauma
    Onauma is run by a Thai woman and her Israeli husband, with a personal service, to try the delicious spicy delicacies on their menu.
    Address: Carlebach St 15
    Must eat: Pad kra prow, and Som Tam salad.
    Opening hours: Open Sundays – Thursdays
  • Giveret Kotiyao
    For another authentic, affordable Thai street food, don’t miss Giveret Kotiyao in Shuk HaCarmel Market.
    Address: Yom Tov St 1, Tel Aviv
    Must eat: Spicy wontons and Duck soup
    Opening hours: Open until 10:30 pm every day but closed on Saturdays and Sundays


If you fancy African cuisine you’re in luck, you can find many Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants also in South Tel Aviv. 

  • Tenat
    One top-rated Ethiopian restaurant is Tenat near the Tahana Mercazit. There you can find a beautiful spread of Injera homemade bread and Ethiopian stews of many exciting flavors.
    Address: Chelnov St 27
    Must eat: Injera platter
    Opening hours: Open every day until 11 pm and 5 pm on Fridays. Closed on Saturdays.
  • Lucy’s Ethiopian.
    Another Ethiopian restaurant also in South Tel Aviv is Lucy’s with warm service and tasty food.
    Address: Derech Menachem Begin 46, Tel Aviv
    Must eat: Injera platter
    Opening hours: Open every day until 11pm
  • Gelila
    For Eritrean food try “Gelila” it’s recommended to ask locals where Gelila is located (its name and street number are not easy to find). You can find delicious Eritrean food.
    Address: Neve Sha’anan St, at the end closest Salomon Street, Tel Aviv
    Must Eat:  Platters of injera topped with meat and vegetable dishes.


The Center and Sharon area

This area is orientated towards families, and you’ll find a lot of family-themed restaurants. 


Holon boasts two authentic Chinese restaurants that have been around for many years.

  • Pek Hi 
    You can find big menus with a wide selection of choices with proteins including duck, pork, and seafood.
    Address: Eliyahu Krauze St 45, Holon
    Must Eat:  You can’t go past The roast dark in an orange sauce, which makes it worth the trip to Holon in itself.
    Opening hours: Open every day until 9 pm and closed on Sundays
  • Hai Phong
    This restaurant is a real surprise, considering the gas station location, but once you step inside you will be transported to China.
    Address: HaPeled St 20, Holon, Israel
    Must Eat:  The stir-fries and noodle dishes.
    Opening hours: Open every day until 10 pm and Sundays until 5 pm
  • Som Tam
    For an authentic Thai restaurant in Ramat Gan, you must try this place.
    Address: Bialik St 7, Ramat Gan
    Must Eat:  The pad thai
    Opening hours: Open every day until 11 pm, closed on Saturdays and early Fridays
  • Aroi Thai Food
    Rishon Lezion boasts an authentic Thai restaurant too. The dishes are fresh, spicy, and tasty.
    Address: 28 Herzel St. Rishon Lezion
    Must Eat:  Egg rolls, stirfries
    Opening hours: Every night until 12am besides Friday which closes at 4 pm
  • Chung Shing
    Netanya’s best longstanding Chinese restaurant serving all the classics.
    Address: Herzl St 10, Netanya, Israel
    Must Eat:  wonton soup, fried rice
     Every day for lunch until 3:30 pm and dinner until 12 am


There are a few good African restaurants in the center area worth visiting.

  • Almaz
    Netanya’s best Ethiopian restaurant serving tasty dishes.
    Address: Yosef Sapir St 4, Netanya
    Must Eat:  Injera platter
    Opening hours: Every day until 11 pm besides Friday until 3 pm
  • Gojo
    Rehovot’s well-known Ethiopian restaurant serving classics.
    Address: Israel Teller St 32, Rehovot
    Must Eat:  injera
    Opening hours: Every day until 10 pm, closed on Saturdays and Friday until 3 pm.


The South

This area has a great mix of immigrants and migrants from around the world and it’s worth making a visit.

The South is actually a great place to find delicious authentic Asian restaurants. 

  • Namaste
    One gem restaurant that should definitely be visited in the South is this Indian restaurant in Ashdod. “Namaste is the greeting of hello in Indian culture, and we also welcome and bless our customers, and not less important for a wonderful meal.” Besides the impressive temple-themed exterior, the food is excellent.
    Address: HaTayelet 20, Ashdod
    Must Eat:  Chicken Massala, roti bread
    Opening hours: Open every day until 11 pm, closed on Saturdays and early Fridays
  • Rong’an Thai
    For a taste of Thailand, you can’t go past this place. Named after the chef and owner, the food is authentic, tasty, and spicy.
    Address: Nordau 24, Ashdod
    Must Eat:  Som Tam salad
    Opening hours: Open every day until 11:30 pm, closed on Saturdays and early Fridays. Closed for the holidays until 22.9.
  • Furama
    An authentic Chinese restaurant in Ashkelon and should not be missed if you’re in the area.
    Address: Ort St 26, Ashkelon, Israel
    Must Eat:  Their specialty is definitely dim sum, so you will definitely fill your dumpling craving at this joint.
    Opening hours: Open every day until 11 pm


A trip to the south isn’t complete without some African food too. 

  • Tzalal
    This restaurant serves lovely Ethiopian food from Injera to stews, go check it out.
    Address: Beit Eshel St 37, Beer Sheva, Israel
    Must Eat:  Their specialty is their stews.
    Opening hours: Open every day until 8:30 pm, closed on Saturdays and early Fridays
  • Enanye
    This restaurant in Ashkelon also offers delicious Ethiopian food.
    Address: Shpinoza St 7, Ashkelon
    Must Eat:  Their specialty is their injera.
    Opening hours: Open every day until 10 pm, closed on Saturdays and early Fridays



In the capital and holy city, you will find restaurants even in the ancient old city, most of them will be kosher to cater to the more religious crowd. 

Jerusalem is a must-visit if you like Korean food, it has the country’s only Korean restaurant.

  • Seoul House
    The restaurant is owned by a Korean couple who converted to Judaism, hence the restaurant is kosher, it’s also pescatarian so it’s very vegetarian and vegan friendly. Once you find this hidden gem in the old city you will be happy to walk into the bamboo interior and get transported to Korea.
    Address: 34 Habad st, Old city, Jerusalem
    Must Eat:  Don’t miss ordering the Bibimbap, a rice bowl with delicious vegetables on top, and a fried egg.
    Opening hours: Open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays until 9 pm
  • Sheyan
    Just off King George street, you will find this authentic Chinese restaurant.
    Address: Ramban St 8, Jerusalem, Israel
    Must Eat:  Best known for wonton soup, dumplings, and stir-fries.
    Opening hours: Open Tuesdays, Saturdays (dinner only), and Sundays until 11 pm


  • Habash Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar
    For Ethiopian food, you can’t miss this place for your injera and stew fix. Address: Mashiyah Barukhof St 5, Jerusalem, 
    Must Eat:  Injera
    Opening hours: Every day until 11 pm


The North

Whenever you want to escape the bustling urban center it’s always a great idea to explore the green natural surroundings in the north of the country. 


There are a few good Asian restaurants worth visiting in the north. 

  • Chiang Mai
    In the cobbled stone main boulevard of Zichron Ya’akov, you will find hidden in a side alley this Chinese restaurant. All the dishes they make are from scratch, you can also find pork, duck, and seafood dishes here.
    Address: Ha-Meyasdim St 50, Zikhron Ya’akov
    Must Eat:  Dim sum and sizzling stir-fries.
    Opening hours: Every day until 10 pm and closed on Wednesdays
  • Yan Yan
    Haifa has this long-standing tasty Chinese restaurant, worth a visit. Address: Derekh Yafo 26, Haifa, Israel
    Must Eat:  Dim sum and
    Opening hours: Every day until 10 pm every day
  • Chang Ba
    If you’re craving Thai food try this authentic restaurant in the port area. Address: Ha-Namal St 23, Haifa, Israel
    Must Eat:  The curries
    Opening hours: Every day until 10 pm every day


In Haifa, you can also find a much-loved Ethiopian restaurant. 

  • HaMis’ada Shel Ima
    The name means “The restaurant of mom”, you will definitely feel welcomed into the restaurant like a family. Address: Ha-Nevi’im St 20, Haifa, Israel
    Must Eat:  Dim sum and
    Opening hours: Open every day until 8 pm, closed on Saturdays and early Fridays

Now that you know where you can find the best authentic food in Israel to remind you of home, all that’s left to do is go and taste it for yourself. Taste and smell truly are the best senses to trigger memory and nostalgia, so when you’re feeling home sick, go find a taste of home and enjoy. Stay tuned for part 2, to find the best grocery and other useful stores that import ingredients and materials from your home countries.