Send Money From Israel to China

Chinese migrants who come to Israel to work have a lot of challenges to work through. First, the language barrier can be tough to handle, not to mention getting used to an entirely different culture. Getting situated in a new country can be tough, especially when you need to deal with various bureaucratic situations and handle your finances. However, Chinese migrants will be happy to know that there are some simple ways to deal with sending money home. Here, we’ll take a look at different money transfer services in Israel as well as some other tips to help you get by.

Money Transfers from Israel to China

There are two main ways of doing an international money transfer in Israel. You can either do it through a bank or transfer bureau, or you can transfer money online. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

  • Bank or transfer bureau: send a wire transfer to your family in China by visiting a bank to complete the transaction. While this is a straightforward option for many, it comes with drawbacks. First, there might be bureaucratic red tape for foreigners sending money internationally through a bank. Additionally, service is mainly offered in Hebrew and banking hours in Israel are limited. Finally, transferring money through the bank or a bureau can be costly.
  • Rewire money transfer: send money online (you can also send money to an Alipay account) using a Rewire money transfer. Many Chinese and other migrants opt for this solution since it’s a lot easier to do and often has lower fees than a bank. You can deposit money into your Rewire account and then complete a wire transfer online in just a few seconds that’s completely secure and simple to use. You can send money from anywhere at any time of day, and the app and customer service can be accessed in Chinese or other languages.

The Chinese Community in Israel

Chinese migrants in Israel often like to keep their culture, habits, and comforts from home. You’ll find WeChat groups that you can join that will connect you with other Chinese migrants in the country, and are also a good source to use for tips, recommendations, finding local events, and even searching for work. Check with Rewire’s local Chinese community manager to find out about local events and connect with other Chinese migrants.

When it comes to traditional Chinese food, there are a few restaurants in Israeli cities, but most of them are much more expensive than what Chinese migrants are used to. For that reason, Chinese migrants cook at home. It’s possible to find Chinese ingredients at speciality grocery stores like East-West or Dragon Supermarket in south Tel Aviv. 

Places to Visit in Israel

There are many religious sites in Israel that are worth visiting, even if you don’t practicum Judaism, Islam, or Christianity. Jerusalem has many sites belonging to all the different religions as well as bustling markets where you can sample local foods. In the north of the country, you can visit the Golan Heights to get out in nature or stick to the Galilee region to visit more religiously-significant areas like Capernaum and Nazareth. Going more south to the desert, the Dead Sea is a required visit for anyone living and working in Israel as it’s the lowest point on earth and makes for a very unique experience.

To Wrap Up

Learning how to send money back to China is important when moving to Israel to work as it’s likely one of your main concerns as a migrant. However, take the time to get used to your surroundings too by connecting with the migrant communities and taking some time to explore the country you’re in.