Send Money From Israel to Sri Lanka

One of the first things migrants want to know when they arrive to live and work in a new country is how to send money home. After all, the main reason migrants move abroad is to build a more financially secure future for themselves and their families. When it comes to Sri Lankan migrants in Israel, there are a few things to know about how to do an international money transfer and how to get used to living in a new country.

Money Transfer from Israel to Sri Lanka

There are two main options for Sri Lankans in Israel to send money home to their family. One is more conventional but comes with its own challenges, while the other is easy to use for anyone.

  • Banks and transfer bureaus: there are many Israeli banks and transfer bureaus that have a money transfer service to send money home. However, many migrants run into roadblocks in the form of bureaucratic red tape, not speaking enough Hebrew to get by easily at the bank, and dealing with taking time off work during the limited banking hours. 
  • Rewire money transfer: you can wire money to Sri Lanka with an online transfer service like Rewire. For fees as low as ILS 5 per transaction you can load your Rewire account and send money to your family in just a few clicks from anywhere and at any time. The platform is available in multiple languages so no need to struggle with another language, and it eliminates the need to wait in line at a bank or bureau. 

The Sri Lankan Community in Israel

The Sri Lankan community in Israel might not be as big as other migrant communities, but rest assured that you’ll find other people who share your culture and background. A good way to learn how Sri Lankans send money home and other tips on how they adapt to life in Israel is to connect with them through various online communities. Here are a few we recommend checking out:


  • Sri Lankans in Israel – a Facebook page where you’ll find information for Sri Lankan migrants such as job postings around the country
  • iSavta – a website for migrants to find caregiver jobs in Israel
  • Sri Lankan Caregivers in Israel – a Facebook page with posts about caregiving jobs and community events in Israel
  • Hakeren – is a great organization to follow for information about foreign worker’s rights in Israel

Places to Visit in Israel

As home to the three Abrahamic religions, Israel has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and religious attractions. Of course, Tel Aviv has the beach and a bustling city culture to enjoy, but when you get out of the big city, there are other places to discover. Jerusalem has many Jewish, Muslim, and Christian sites as well as markets and museums to explore. The Dead Sea is another popular site for both tourists and locals as it marks the lowest point on earth and you can float on the salty water. If you want to enjoy nature, you can visit the north of the country to the Galilee or Golan Heights region. Here, you’ll find some more religious areas, such as Nazareth and Capernaum, as well as beautiful green mountains, hiking trails, streams to swim in, and nature reserves.

Final Word

Many Sri Lankans take on caregiving roles in Israel, which is a demanding yet highly rewarding job. While you’re living and working in Israel, take the time to get to know your migrant community, enjoy your surroundings, and figure out a comfortable way to transfer money online so that you can settle into your new life in Israel.