Send Money From Israel to Thailand

Sending money home to Thailand is one of the main concerns for migrants who arrive in Israel. Moving to a new country comes with a number of challenges, like picking up some of the language, getting used to a new culture, and being far from home. However, a money transfer from Israel doesn’t need to be complicated. Here, we’ll break down how you can send money to Thailand and give you some other tips on adjusting to your new life in Israel.

Money Transfer From Israel to Thailand

There are two main ways you can choose to send money home. One is more traditional and might be what you’re used to, and the other is newer but just as reliable. Let’s break both of them down:

  • Bank or transfer bureau: local banks in Israel, as well as wire transfer service providers, allow you to send money internationally. However, you’ll need to physically go to a location, wait in line, and speak to someone, likely in Hebrew, in order to complete the transaction. This is a reliable way to send money home, but also quite time-consuming and potentially expensive once you factor in all the fees and time you might lose at work in order to visit a bank where opening hours are limited.
  • Online money transfer: Rewire offers migrants an easier way to send money to Thailand that doesn’t involve waiting in line, high fees, or any knowledge of Hebrew. Simply sign up for the service and you can send money internationally online in a few clicks with very reasonable wire transfer fees. The best part is you can do it at any time and from anywhere, meaning you don’t need to worry about making it to a bank during their opening hours. Both the app and customer support are available in Thai, making it a simple option for Thai migrants.

The Thai Community in Israel

A good way to get advice and tips on living in Israel is to connect with other Thai migrants who live here. Through online Facebook groups, you can ask for recommendations, find work, learn how migrants here transfer money home, and find out about community events. Here are a few groups and pages that are helpful for Thai migrants:

  • TIC – a Facebook page for Thai workers in Israel
  • Hakeren – a great organization to follow for information about foreign worker’s rights in Israel
  • Community Manager – connect with the Thai community manager in Israel to network with other Thai migrants nearby

Thai Groceries in Israel

Many migrants prefer to continue eating the foods that they’re used to. While there are plenty of Thai restaurants around the country, most of them are expensive compared to what Thai migrants are used to getting back home, so they opt to cook themselves instead. You can find Thai products at East-West grocery stores, as well as at Dragon Supermarket in Tel Aviv. The Central Bus Station in south Tel Aviv is also a popular place for migrants from all over, so you can find some Thai groceries there along with market-style food. 

Where to Visit in Israel

Israel sees a lot of visitors who come for the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim religious sites. While there’s nothing in the way of Buddhist sites in Israel, it’s still a great country to travel around when you’re not at work. You can visit the Old City of Jerusalem to see different religious and cultural sites or wander through the market. Haifa is another beautiful city in the north of the country that is known for its stunning Bahá’í Gardens. Finally, if you’re going to be living in Israel, then a trip to the Dead Sea is a must so that you can take a mud bath and float in the salty water.

Final Word

Living and working in Israel can be a great way to financially provide for your family back home. Make sure you take the time when you arrive to sort out how you’ll be sending money home and also to get to know the Thai and other migrant communities around you.